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React Toolbox

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SPA static pre-rendering made easy

I got really tired of copying and pasting my latest webpack config from my last project to start the next and having old projects rot with out an easy way of upgrading them. So I created react-toolbox a highly opinionated toolbox for building a react web application with minimal setup.

This is inspired by Dan Abramov's talk, which is fantastic and you should totally check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G39lKaONAlA


  • Quick and easy start for an ES6 & React SPA
  • Build-time pre-rendering built in
  • Simple commands
  • Service Worker caching built in!
  • jss extract critical styles during pre-render
  • auto reload in dev mode


yarn add @kevindurb/react-toolbox

or with npm

npm install --save @kevindurb/react-toolbox

Peer Dependancies

  • react ^16.2.0
  • react-dom ^16.2.0
  • react-jss ^8.3.0


react-toolbox looks for an entry point at ./index.js in the root of your project and will compile what ever javascript you provide from there. Inside that entry point use, and export the result of, the render function provided by react-toolbox. This allows react-toolbox to staticly prerender your app for production and still have a development build.

import React from 'react';
import render from '@kevindurb/react-toolbox/render';
import App from './path/to/my/App';

export default render(<App />);


react-toolbox uses webpack-dev-server to host your project at http://localhost:8080 you can also specify the PORT environment variable to change the port you would like the dev server to run on.

yarn react-toolbox start

Its just that easy!


In production mode react-toolbox will compile your entry point into ./dist along with a index.html that points to your app's index.js.

yarn react-toolbox build


  • Must have your entry at ./index.js and must have public folder (even if its empty, this requirement will hopefully be removed soon...)

Coming Soon...

  • Testing with Jest

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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