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A popover library for React, using react-portal for better positioning.


npm install react-portal-popover


There's two steps: import the OverlayTrigger that decorates your toggle element, then pass in an overlay={} prop with your ToolTip that you'd like to display.

import React from 'react';
import ToolTip, { OverlayTrigger } from 'react-portal-popover';

const MyComponent = () => {
  const options = {
    size: 7,
    color: '#999',
    foregroundColor: '#fff',
    className: 'my-special-tooltip',
    useForeground: true,

  const toolTip = (
    <ToolTip position="bottom" options={options}>
      <p>My tooltip content</p>

  return (
      <OverlayTrigger overlay={toolTip} label="Excerpt" showLabel="Show" hideLabel="Hide">

Configuration options

There are some options you can pass to the ToolTip component to customise how it is displayed. This allows you to define multiple styles of tooltip in the same application, and saves writing lots of the CSS boilerplate required for drawing arrows.

const options = {
  classBase: 'tooltip',     // eg .${classBase}--bottom,
  className: '',            // extra classnames to add to the tooltip element
  size: 7,                  // the size of the arrow
  offset: 2,                // how many pixels to offset the arrow by
  color: '#999',            // border colour of your tooltip
  foregroundColor: '#fff',  // foreground colour of your tooltip
  useForeground: true,      // render two arrows, a border and a background.
  borderWidth: 1,           // pixel width of your border

<ToolTip position="bottom|top|left|right" options={options} />

OverlayTrigger options

closeOnScroll determines whether the tooltip closes when you scroll the window.

<OverlayTrigger closeOnScroll={true|false} />


nvm install
npm install

Running tests

npm test
npm run test:watch
npm run lint

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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