To wrap the app player in a UI component specific to the type of the share, e.g. "Pixel Kit".


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A set of players (viewers) for each category of kano app share.


Clone this repository. Run bower i

This component contains the kano-code repo as a submodule to allow it to pull across some files on which it depends. The intetion is that this submodule will be reomved once the kano-code project is published as a library for use across the kano projects.

In order to get the submodule up and running you need to run two git commands when you clone this repo.

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Finally there is a bash script that will pull across the files that this repo depends on from the submodule.

$ ./scripts/build-kcode-lib.sh

So the intention is not to directly use the kano-code submodule in the development on this component, but insted to have it available and set the the correct commit so that just the files that this components depends on can be pulled across in a manual process.

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Viewing Your Element

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Running Tests

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