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Tile based color picker with customizable palette

  • What is it called?
    • kwc-color-picker
  • What is it made out of?
    • A set of colored tiles that when clicked, provides a selected value
  • What variants are needed?
    • Idle: hover styling is still here, but no selection is possible
    • Tiles: Different sizes and margin between them
  • How does it scale?
    • Tiles size are defined in pixels, and the rowSize defines the total width
  • What style variables are in use?
    • Colors: The list of colors available for selection
    • Outline: Can customize the style of the outline when over a light or dark color
  • Anything to keep in mind?
    • If the display state of the element changes (i.e. it gets hidden/unhidden), you need to call notifyResize, otherwise the element will not properly render.
    • When the selected colour changes, the highlighting only animates if the Web Animations API is supported by the browser. To make the feature work in all browsers, use a polyfill.


yarn add @kano/kwc-color-picker


import '@kano/kwc-color-picker/kwc-color-picker.js';

const tpl = html`



Clone this repository and install the dependencies with yarn

Serve the demo with

yarn serve

Serve the tests with

yarn serve-test

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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