Front end for Kano's authentication flow.


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Front end for Kano's authentication flow.

27/02/2019: Starting refactor to allow for new GDPR and COPPA compliant flow. This will involve the following tasks:

  • remove unnecessary properties
  • remove unnecessary styles
  • Align with brand styles
  • Remove Polymer dependency
  • Add lit-html dependency
  • Investigation on need for typescript
  • Remove Behaviour dep
  • Move behaviour / validation into utility
  • Ensure tabbing and accessability is as expected
  • Show/hide password feature
  • Check username available on blur
  • Validation of other inputs on blur

24/05/2018: The README is out of date. Please proceed with caution.

This component implements view according to the current User Login Journey as descibe in this working document. Please note this link is not guarenteed to be in sync with the component but should be a good guide.




Reset the internal state of the auth modal. Essentially


Auth Flows and Views

This component is very specific to the authentication flow as it is currently specified for the kano apps. It does not contain any logic for completing the authentication flows, that is defered the the context in which the component is used. The views are for collecting the relevant user data so any parent (probably app specific) component can complete the communicaiton with the api and process any responses.

Login | Signup




Forget credentials

The kwc-auth component implements two views to allow a user to enter information in order to recover forgotten credentials. Username recovery flow accepts a valid email address and password recovery asks for a username. (See here for more detail.)


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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