Redux-form driver for k-ramel


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Redux Form driver for k-ramel

Install it

yarn add @k-ramel/driver-redux-form regeneratorRuntime


You have to wrap your application with react-redux Provider and giving the k-ramel store created via createStore in order to work.


In store definition (See main documentation about description)

/* store.js */
import { createStore } from 'k-ramel'
import reduxform from '@k-ramel/driver-redux-form'

export default createStore(
    /* your store description */
    drivers: {
      form: reduxform({ path: 'ui.form', getState: state => state.ui.form }) // default is { path: 'form' }

In a reaction (See main documentation about listeners/reactions)

/* reaction.js */

export const signin = (store, action, drivers) => {
  const { form, http } = drivers
  const signinForm = form('signin')
  const loginValues = signinForm.getFormValues()
  // check login is not empty
  if (loginValues.login && loginValues.password) {
  } else {

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