Navigate betwen UZH semesters, like FS14 -> HS14 -> FS15


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UZH Semesters

Library for navigating and validating semester short codes from the University of Zurich.

var uzhSemesters = require('@jonny/uzh-semesters');
uzhSemesters.next('FS14') // => HS14
uzhSemesters.last('HS07') // => FS07
uzhSemesters.last('WS0607') // => SS06
uzhSemesters.last('DSAFASKFNSAD') // => null
uzhSemesters.isValid('WS0607') // => true
uzhSemesters.isValid('HS15') // => true
uzhSemesters.isValid('HS05') // => false


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