Shared Typescript linter rules for all Civil packages


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Shared rules for Typescript linter



Your tslint needs to be >=5.9 for the yaml support

yarn add --dev @joincivil/tslint-rules


Install tslint:

yarn add --dev tslint

In your tslint.json or tslint.yaml extend the rules:

extends: "@joincivil/tslint-rules"
  # Your additional / overridinng rules here
    options: [7272]

Run linter with the --project option for all the rules to work:

tslint --project ./


Civil's ecosystem is free and open-source, we're all part of it and you're encouraged to be a part of it with us. Best place to start hacking would be to use the @joincivil/core and build some application on top of the protocol.

If you're itching to dwelve deeper inside, help wanted and good first issue labels are good places to get started and learn the architecture.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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