A simple wechat server lib


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A simple wechat server lib

source code


  • npm i -g typescript
  • you need set "proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;" in your nginx config, so unifiedorder will have correct ip



about node-gyp

see https://github.com/nodejs/node-gyp#installation, if you have trouble with wechat server xml2json support

exposed api

{POST} /transfer
{POST} /pay
{POST} /unifiedorder
{POST} /templateMessage
{POST} /paySign
{GET}  /signature
{GET}  /auth                //scope=snsapi_base can only get openid
{GET}  /auth_userinfo       //scope=snsapi_userinfo can send second request to get user info
{GET}  /authAndRegister

{POST} /               //get message from wechat
{GET}  /               //checkSignature from wechat

example config

//wechat config
config.wechat = {};
config.wechat.token = "enixjin";
config.wechat.tokenTimeout = (90 * 60) * 1000;//refresh token every 90 mins
config.wechat.appID = "123456789";
config.wechat.appsecret = "123456789";
config.wechat.mch_id = "10000100";
config.wechat.key = "123456789";
config.wechat.notify_url = "http://wechat.yoursite.com/pay";

//domain config for register
config.domainServer = "domain.yoursite.com";
config.domainPort = 9802;
config.domainWechatLoginUrl = "/loginWechat";
config.domainOrderAPI = "/api/purchaseOrders/order";

example code

create you own handle or use default handle
//default handler
export class defaultHandler extends abstractHandler {

    handleTextMessage(message: textMessage, response: textMessage): textMessage {
        response.Content = `欢迎互动`;
        return response;

    handleEventSubscribeMessage(message: eventMessage, response: textMessage): textMessage {
        response.Content = `欢迎加入`;
        return response;

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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