Ring UI License Checker is webpack plugin intended to generate third-party libraries list with license information from dependency tree


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Develop with pleasure(R)


  • filename: String
  • format: (params = {modules: module[]}) => String
  • exclude: RegExp
  • forceAddPackages: module[]
  • customLicenses: module[]
  • surviveLicenseErrors: Boolean
  • ignoreTeamcity: Boolean - never use TeamCity service messages
  • teamcityMessageStatus: String - message status to report (NORMAL, WARNING, FAILURE, ERROR)

Options usage and module object structure example:

      new LicenseChecker({
        filename: 'third-party-licenses.txt',
        format: params =>
              mod => `${mod.name} (${mod.url})
${mod.license.name} (${mod.license.url})`,
        // stackframe has wrong license field in 0.3.1
        exclude: [/stackframe/],
        customLicenses: [{
          name: 'stackframe',
          version: '0.3.1',
          url: 'https://www.npmjs.com/package/stackframe',
          license: {
            name: 'Unlicense',
            url: 'http://unlicense.org/'
        surviveLicenseErrors: true,

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