Kotlin wrapper for React Router DOM library


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Kotlin wrapper for React Router DOM library. Major version number of this wrapper matches that of React Router DOM itself.

Both BrowserRouter and HashRouter are supported.


  1. npm i @jetbrains/kotlin-react-router-dom

  2. npm run gen-idea-libs

See the Bintray page for Maven and Gradle installation instructions.


interface IdProps : RProps {
    var id: Int

class RootComponent : RComponent<RProps, RState>() {
    override fun RBuilder.render() {
        hashRouter { // or "browserRouter"
            switch {
                route("/", IndexComponent::class, exact = true)
                route("/login", strict = true) {
                    login(providers = listOf("plain", "facebook"))
                    a(href = "#/") {
                route<IdProps>("/user/:id") { props ->
                    div {
                        +"User id: ${props.match.params.id}"
                redirect(from = "/redirect", to = "/redirected")


See lawik123/kotlin-poc-frontend-react-redux. This project is an implementation/translation of the react-redux Todo List example project in Kotlin (with the addition of react-router).

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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