This is used to check your SEO file.


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SEO Checker


  1. Check if the HTML file applies the SEO rules.
  2. You can use Stream to Read/Write file.


Using npm:

npm install @jeremysu0131/seo-checker

Input Methods

  1. readFile: Read a HTML file
  2. Use fs.createReadStream to create a read stream, then use pipe to pipe chunk to the method you specified.

Check Methods

  1. checkImage: Detect if any img tag without alt attribute
  2. checkLink: Detect if any a tag without rel attribute
  3. checkTitle: Detect if header doesn’t have title tag
  4. checkMeta: Detect if header doesn’t have the tag you specified
  5. checkStrong: Detect if there’re more than 15 strong tag in HTML (15 is a default value and you can configurable by yourself)
  6. checkH1: Detect if a HTML have more than one h1 tag

Output Methods

  1. printResultsToConsole: Print check results to console
  2. writeResultsToFile: Write results to file
  3. Custom: You can write your custom results style by pipe the chunk to your custom method


Performing a read HTML file sample

import { Check } from '@jeremysu0131/seo-checker';

  .checkMeta('keywords', 'descriptions')

// Output:
// <h1> tag is more than one. Total: 2
// Meta have "keywords" but not have "descriptions"
// There are 2 <img> tag without alt attribute.

Performing a read HTML file as Stream sample

import fs from 'fs';
import { CheckStream } from '@jeremysu0131/seo-checker';

// Create a read stream
const rs = fs.createReadStream('./test.html');

// Pipe the stream to every method
  .pipe(CheckStream.detectMeta('keywords', 'descriptions'))
  .pipe(CheckStream.writeResultsToFile('./test.txt')); // Save results to file

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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