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Spirit Design System - Library

Install global dependencies

To run this project locally:

  • Install Node version 8 or higher (Download and install)
  • Uninstall any globally installed version of gulp npm uninstall gulp -g - you can run this from the command line anywhere
  • Install gulp-cli globally npm install gulp-cli -g - you can run this from the command line anywhere

Install project dependencies

  • Clone this repository: git clone git@github.com:JDRF/spirit.git OR git clone https://github.com/JDRF/spirit.git
  • Navigate to the library directory cd /path/to/where/you/cloned/spirit/library
  • From /library run npm install

Running the local environment

  • From /library run gulp

Browsersync options

A browser window should pop open with the main page of the /library project running. The local environment runs on Browsersync and offers configuration options on a separate port from the environment. If the local environment launches at: http://localhost:3000, then the Browsersync config will be available at http://localhost:3001

Stopping the local environment

Press ctrl + C at the same time from the command line to stop the local environment. Run gulp to start it up again.

Creating a new component

With the environment stopped, run gulp generate:new-component and follow the prompts to generate basic template files for building a new component's markup, styles, javascript, and sink page.

Additional Resources

  • Component markup and test pages are built using Nunjucks templates
  • Styles are built with SCSS
  • The build environment is called ESDS-Build. There is some light documentation available at that project's README that outlines what each top-level directory is for.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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