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:house: eslint-config-node

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A linter Shareable Config for ESlint and TSLint

npm install --save-dev @jbpionnier/eslint-config-node

:smiley_cat: ESLint

We export three ESLint configurations for your usage.

Create a file named .eslintrc in your project:

  "extends": "@jbpionnier/eslint-config-node"
  // Your overrides...

:frog: eslint-config-node

Our default export contains all of our ESLint rules, including ECMAScript 6+.

:ok_woman: eslint-config-node/flow (deprecated)

Lints ECMAScript 6+ with Flow support. Requires babel-eslint and eslint-plugin-flowtype

:hospital: eslint-config-node/legacy

Lints ES5 and below.

See ESlint config docs for more information.

:lollipop: TSLint

WTF ? tslint config in eslint config module ? :persevere:

We export two TSLint configurations for your usage.

Create a file named tslint.json in your project:

  "extends": "@jbpionnier/eslint-config-node/tslint-strict"
  // Your overrides...

:guardsman: eslint-config-node/tslint-strict

Lints Typescript with type check

Use the --type-check flag to make sure your program has no type errors.

  "lint": "tslint -p . 'src/**/*.ts'"

:v: eslint-config-node/tslint-immutable

Lints Typescript with immutable rules with :

:memo: License


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