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Steps to create a new filter rule

1. Create a new class for that rule in the same package as the existing filter rules.

2. Make the class extend GeneralDataFilterRule and implement one of IMatchFilterRule, IEventFilterRule or IRecordFilterRule.

3. Implement the methods


4. Set the ruleType protected field to a new integer not used in DefaultFilterRuleType.

5. Add the new rule to the DefaultFilterRuleType enum.

6. Add unit tests for the new rule.

7. Add the rule to filter.js

8. Add the typescript definition for that rule in filter.d.ts

9. Add an example of the new rule to ruleCombination.ts, then follow the instructions at the top of ruleCombination.ts to generate ruleCombination.json

10. Add the checks for the new rule to FilterRuleDeserializationTest.java and run that class to verify the deserialization.

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