Packages your code to be executed on AWS Lambda.


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Packages your NodeJS code to be executed on AWS Lambda.

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yarn add -D @jahed/aws-lambda-package


If you're using workspaces, install it at the root package.

yarn add -W -D @jahed/aws-lambda-package


Building Single Packages

Running aws-lambda-package will do the following:

  • Run yarn pack to create a tgz similar to yarn publish
  • Extract the tgz to a temporary directory
  • Run yarn install --production on the directory
  • Create a ZIP of the directory's contents on your current working directory.
  • You will have to upload your ZIP to AWS Lambda or S3 manually (or using your own script)
yarn aws-lambda-package

If you're using workspaces and just want to build one workspace, you can do the following:

yarn workspaces your-package-name aws-lambda-package

Building all your workspaces

You can build all of your workspaces at once by running aws-lambda-workspaces at the root package.

yarn aws-lambda-workspaces


  • To ensure full compatibility, you may need to run aws-lambda-package in an environment similar to AWS Lambda. Try out docker-lambda if you run into this issue.


A lot of ZIP tools assume Windows line separators (\) are okay. AWS Lambda however doesn't support these separators. So I made this project to work across systems and remove as many caveats as possible.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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