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A Javascript library for fixing the capitalization of people's names.

It is heavily based on the Perl Lingua-EN-NameCase module.

It's always best to let the user capitalize their own name as there are too many variations to programmatically catch them all. However, when working with legacy databases, sometimes such a module is needed.


NameCase provides two functions:

NameCase.checkName() which returns true if the name is in all UPPERCASE or lowercase.

NameCase(string or array, { individualFields : boolean }) returns a properly capitalized name.

The option individualFields defaults to false which works best when the person's names are combined into a single field. If individualFields is set to true, it means you're passing in given and surnames separately. The only difference between these two options is with individualFields set to false, the first character is always capitalized.

Namecase can also be executed from the command line via namecase, which accepts data from stdin and outputs the formatted names to stdout.



<script source="namecase.js"></script>


  var name = "GEORGE WASHINGTON";

  if (NameCase.checkName(name)) {
  } else {



var nc = require('namecase');

String.prototype.toNameCase = function () {
  var name = this.toString();

  if (nc.checkName(name)) {
    return nc(name, { individualFields : true } );


Command line

Install with npm install -g namecase.

namecase < input.txt > ouput.txt

Meteor Integration

NameCase also includes Meteor integration. The NameCase function is available on the Client and Server and comes with a Template helper entitled NameCase.

<template name="templateName">
  {{ NameCase "abe lincoln" optionalNamecaseOptionsHelper }}
  optionalNamecaseOptionsHelper : function () {
    return { individualFields : true };

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