a reduce function for iterables


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A reduce generator for iterators.

const reduce = require('@iterables/reduce')

const value = reduce(function * () {
  yield 1
  yield 2
}(), (acc, xs) => acc + xs)

console.log(value) // 3


$ npm install --save @iterables/reduce


reduce(iterable, fn[, initial]) -> Value

  • iterable: any Iterator — a generator instance, Array, Map, String, or Set
  • fn: A function taking acc, xs, idx, and all and returning any value.
    • acc: the accumulator returned by fn. The first value is the first item from the iterable if initial is not given.
    • xs: an item from iterable.
    • idx: a number reflecting the index of the current item.
    • all: the full iterable object.

Returns a value representing the reduction of the input iterator.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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