Toggle Switches for AngularJS (and optionally Bootstrap). Based off [Bootstrap switch](http://www.larentis.eu/switch/) by Matt Lartentis and forked from [cgarvis](https://github.com/cgarvis/angular-toggle-switch).


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AngularJS Bootstrap 2/3 Toggle Switch Build Status

Toggle Switches for AngularJS (and optionally Bootstrap). Based off Bootstrap switch by Matt Lartentis and forked from cgarvis.

Note: This repo was forked from JumpLink's angular-toggle-switch to provide a way for the package to be installed with npm. No other improvement or maintaining was foreseen. So any contribution should be made to the original repo at first and then be sent to this repo via a pull request.

Note 2: The fork was moved: https://github.com/piworks/angular-toggle-switch This repo stays just not to break possible dependents.





Download angular-toggle-switch.min.js or install with bower.

$ bower install angular-bootstrap-toggle-switch --save

Or install with npm.

$ npm install @ismailarilik/angular-bootstrap-toggle-switch

Load angular-toggle-switch.min.js then add the toggle-switch module to your Angular App.

angular.module('app', ['toggle-switch']);

See demo for usage.


If you want to use your bootstrap variables, include toggle-switch.less in your compilation stack. You can even choose among Bootstrap version 2 or 3 compatible source.


Testing is done using Karma Test Runner.

$ grunt test


$ grunt release

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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