```js import FileInput from '@invisionag/iris-react-file-input'; ```


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import FileInput from '@invisionag/iris-react-file-input';

FileInput is a generalized Component to handle file selections made by the user. To this end, we make use of the "dropzone" pattern, wherein a file can simply be dragged into the designated zone to fill an <input type="file" /> element with a filepath.


<FileInput />


Can be passed to indicate that the selected files are currently being processed. It will cause:

  • Any interactivity with the dropzone to be disabled
  • A spinner to be displayed in the dropzone instead of the regular logic
  • The remove-buttons in the FileList to be hidden, so no files can be added or removed while isLoading is true


onChange is called on any state change, including when a file is removed.


Callback that is invoked every time a file is selected, either via drop or traditional file explorer selection. First (and only) argument is an array of selected files:

handleDrop = files => {
  files.forEach(file =>console.log("file", file))

render() {
  return <FileInput onDrop={handleDrop} />


By default, only one file can be selected. If you want the user to be able to select multiple files, you can provide the multiple prop like so:

<FileInput multiple />


Mime-Type-String or Array of Mime-Type-Strings. If set, the file input will only accept files with the matching mime-type. Other files will simply be ignored; this is also true if multiple and accept is set: if a user drops multiple files with different mime-types, those with the correct type will be accepted whereas the others will simply be ignored.

<FileInput accept="text/csv" />


Via this prop all customizable texts can be set. It should be a polyglot object following the implementataion in e.g. forecast-ui.

Following text items can be customized in the FileInput by implementing the corresponding key. If the key is not provided, a default text will be displayed.

Description key default
message in initial screen for multiple file_input.description.multiple Drag your files here
message in initial screen file_input.description.single Drag your file here
conjunction before file explorer link file_input.joiner or
displayed in zone when isLoading is passed file_input.loading Uploading...
file explorer link file_input.link choose files
dragging with valid files file_input.active_description.valid Drop files here
dragging with invalid files file_input.active_description.invalid Cannot select this file type
when file limit is reached file_input.file_limit_warning 1 of 1 file selected


Provides a class name for the react Dropzone.


With the validate prop, a custom validator can be passed to the component.

The component will run the validator function for each file that was added, passing the file as the only argument.

The file will only be added to the selection if the validator function returns true.

<FileInput validate={(file: File): boolean => file.name === 'my-special-name.txt'} />

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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