Import other PEG files into a PEG.js grammar.


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Import other PEG files into a PEG.js grammar.

Forked from casetext.


npm install --save pegjs pegjs-import


pegjs-import provides a single function that replaces peg.buildParser:

  var pegimport = require('pegjs-import');

  var parser = pegimport.buildParser('path/to/grammar.peg', options);

Instead of taking a string, it takes a filename.

Inside a PEG.js grammar, you can now make use of the @import directive, like so:

/* NOTE: this grammar won't work in stock PEG.js anymore! */

  this.notes = "Initializers work as you expect them to and are imported.";

@import "path/to/grammar"

  = grammar

When you @import another grammar, that grammar's topmost rule becomes accessible in the context of the current grammar under one of two possible rule names:

  • A name you provide explicitly through the use of the optional "as" parameter
  • The basename of the file, corrected to be a valid Javascript identifier (so if the file were called /foo/bar/my-grammar.peg, the rule name would be my_grammar).

Changes from stock PEG.js behavior

  • You cannot supply options.allowedStartRules anymore. The only allowed start rule is always the first rule in the grammar.
  • You cannot supply a grammar as a string, you must give a filename. There are libraries that provide virtual and in-memory filesystems if you want to work on grammars as strings.


  • pegjs-import is only tested on NodeJS, though the parsers work everywhere they usually do.
  • Circular dependencies explicitly throw an exception. Don't use them.
  • Please don't do funny things with rule names, pegjs-import will probably explode. I will not be held responsible for exploding grammars.



  • Fixed a bug in path comparison that broke Windows.


  • parse-imports now handles /index.peg correctly.


  • Resolve a glitch in external rule name resolution.


  • Don't require "as" identifiers to have two characters in them


  • Make sure we treat internal vs. external rule_refs correctly


  • Fixed bug in options parsing.


  • Changed syntax to more closely correspond to that of PEG.js.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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