Manage common config files for interfirm projects


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This repository manages common config files for INTERFIRM projects. All config files are in /templates directory.


  1. Edit @interfirm/configs entry in package.json.
  2. Install via npm or yarn:
npm install --save-dev @interfirm/configs
yarn add --dev @interfirm/configs

This package automatically copies config files to the installed repository when downloaded into your node_modules.


"key": boolean || [boolean, destinationPath]

Default configuration:

  "@interfirm/configs": {
    "reek": true,
    "codeclimate": true,
    "rubocop": true,
    "editorconfig": true

If you omit destinationPath, config files are copied to default path.

Available config files

service/tool key default path
Reek reek .reek.yml
Code Climate codeclimate .codeclimate.yml
RuboCop rubocop .rubocop.yml
EditorConfig editorconfig .editorconfig


  1. Run yarn version command.
  2. Push new tag to remote repository.
  3. New version will be published by Travis automatically.


git checkout master
git pull
yarn version
git push --follow-tags

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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