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intelliHR Standard Code Style for TSLint (TypeScript)

Getting Started

  1. Install required packages

    yarn add --dev @intellihr/standard-tslint tslint tslint-config-prettier tslint-react
    # or
    npm install --dev @intellihr/standard-tslint tslint tslint-config-prettier tslint-react
  2. Create tslint.json in your project

      "extends": ["@intellihr/standard-tslint"]
  3. You can modify the configs to suit your project

      "extends": ["@intellihr/standard-tslint"],
      "linterOptions": {
        "exclude": [

CI & Release

Create PR against master. A new version of standard-tslint will be released after the PR is merged.

Useful Commands


yarn lint

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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