Limit how long to wait for a promise to resolve, with optional earlier warning.


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Limit how long to wait for a promise to resolve, with optional earlier warning.


This module exports one function:

ptww(origPr[, opts])

Returns a promise tmoPr that reflects origPr's resolution or, if that takes too long, is rejected with a timeout error.

origPr can be any value, e.g. a promise. If it's not already a promise, ptww will instead use a new promise resolved with that value.

opts is an optional options object that supports these keys:

  • warn, fail: Each either strings with a human-readable timeout specification like "30 sec", or false to deactivate that feature.
  • unwatched: If warn and fail are both deactivated (i.e. no timers would be installed) and unwatched is set to sth. other than undefined, immediately return unwatched instead of dealing with any promise logic.
  • autostart: If set to false, ptww won't start the timers immediately.
  • logger: An console-like object to use for logging. Default: console
  • warnMsg: A message to be logged when the warn timeout has elapsed.
  • failMsg: Error message for the timeout promise rejection.
  • msg: A message describing what still not happened yet. Used to extemporize warnMsg and/or failMsg if they're missing.
  • descr: If no msg was provided, extemporize one from this noun.
  • startMsg: If true-y, log this message when timers are (re-)started. Boolean true = extemporize from msg.
  • doneMsg: If true-y, log this message when origPr solves duly. Boolean true = extemporize from msg.
  • vErr: If set, msg must be a non-empty string.
    • true: wrap any rejections except TimeoutError in a VError using msg.
    • "announce": like true but also extemporize startMsg and doneMsg in case they're false-y.
  • errorSubj: If true-y, prefix non-timeout error messages with this topic/context description and ': '.
  • subj: Like errorSubj but also affects the …Msg option values.
  • subjSuffix: In case subj is used and this is neither set to the empty string nor false, put this between subj and the message. (Does not affect errorSubj.) Defaults to ': ' (a colon and a space).

tmoPr will expose these additional methods:

  • ifWatching(): Returns tmoPr if any of the timers is currently installed, or false otherwise.
  • reset(): Restart both timers. If you were warned already, you might be warned again.
  • unTimeout(): Uninstall and abandon both timers. You can install new ones with .reset(). Returns tmoPr.




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