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  1. npm install --save-dev @instaffogmbh/eslint-config-nodejs

  2. In your module's package.json, add

      "eslintConfig": { "extends": "@instaffogmbh/eslint-config-nodejs" },
      "scripts": {
        "justlint": "instaffo-lint-nodejs",
        "lint": "instaffo-lint-nodejs --fix",
  3. npm run lint


  • If you manually clone this package, ⚠⚠ actually install it. ⚠⚠ (At least on 2018-03-19 in Ubuntu Xenial, it seemed to require its own local eslint package.)
  • If you use v1.0.x linter commands with v^1.1.0, it will complain: Explicitly decide whether to use the simplified CLI! See README.md at …. We recommend to update your linter commands to the current ones. If that's not applicable, point your rules config to rules.js to get just the rules with no update checks.




If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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