module for inax loggerui service


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module for inax loggerUi service


You can install this package with npm.


npm install @inax/loggerui


To use the loggerUi, you need to:

  • import the LoggerUiModule in your AppModule
  • import the InaxConsoleService from @inax/loggerui and inject it into your AppComponent
  • add the InaxConsoleComponent to some page in your project. The component tries to fill all of the available space, so you should wrap it in a div-Element if you want it to have a specific size. Please ensure that the available space is big enough to properly display the console, width should be at least 500px and height should be at least 300px. Also, the height should be a fixed value so the container does not scale with its contents, because this causes the whole component to grow in height instead of having a scrollbar appear in it.


// app.module.ts

        LoggerUiModule // <--
export class AppModule { ... }

// app.component.ts
export class AppComponent{
        private _consoleService: InaxConsoleService // <--
<!-- someTemplate.html -->
<div class="inax-console-wrapper"> <!-- add width/height property for the class in your css respectively -->


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