Styleguide related configuration files for javascript related projects.


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Styleguide related configuration files(.editorconfig, .prettierrc) for javascript related projects.


If you want to use the @immowelt/styleguide-javascript, you can install it by executing:

npm i -D @immowelt/styleguide-javascript

This will automatically setup symlinks to the .editorconfig and .prettierrc in your project root and add them to your .gitignore if possible.


We use prettier as a code style since it is easy to automatically keep a consistent style in projects.

Basic rules are:

  • 2 space indentation
  • Max line length of 80 characters
  • Trim trailing whitespace
  • UTF-8 Charset and lf EOL
  • Use Semicolons
  • Use single quotes for strings
  • No spaces between brackets

You might also be interested in our ESLint config presets:

IDE configurations

You will find example configuration guides in the docs folder.


See the CONTRIBUTING.md file at the root of the repository.


See the LICENSE file at the root of the repository.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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