Duxis project command line development tools.


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Duxis project command line development tools.

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Using the cltools in your Duxis Project

Add the duxis-cltools as a dependency in the package.json file in your Duxis project:

  "name": "my-duxis-project",
  "version": "0.1.0",
  "dx_version": "1.27.4",
  "dependencies": {
    "@imec-apt/duxis-cltools": "1.2.1"

Cd in your Duxis project root and learn more about the dx commands with:

./dx help

Installing Auto-Completion

Auto-completion for the dx command is or can be installed on MacOS and Linux.

For MacOS, auto-completion support assumes that you installed bash auto-completion as instructed in this how-to article.

For Linux, move tmp_bash_completion.d/dx to /etc/bash_completion.d/dx:

sudo mv <path-to-package>/tmp_bash_completion.d/dx /etc/bash_completion.d/dx


sudo mv node_modules/@imec-apt/duxis-cltools/tmp_bash_completion.d/dx /etc/bash_completion.d/dx

Pull requests that add support for other platforms are more than welcome!

Test the cltools

Run the tests once:

npm test
yarn test

Or run the tests in watch-mode:

npm run test:watch
yarn test:watch

Local Development

To test your local version of cltools in a Duxis project, cd into the project's root directory and execute:

rm -f dx
ln -s <path-to-duxis-cltools>/dx.sh dx

To restore the project, execute:

rm -f dx
npm install
yarn install


The duxis-cltools provides the command line utility dx, which facilitates the development, testing and deployment of Duxis projects.

To develop, test or deploy a Duxis project, you first need to build the project with the dx build command. You can build in one of the four following modes. The DX_ENV columns shows the value for the DX_ENV environment variable in

Command Mode DX_ENV NODE_ENV Description
./dx build Production prod production The default mode for deployment.
./dx build --dev Development dev development The standard development mode.
./dx build --dxdev Duxis-development dxdev development To be used when co-developing Duxis Foundation. (1)
./dx build --test Test test (prod(2)) test To be used for running the tests.
./dx build --dxtest Test test (dxdev(2)) test To be used for running the tests when co-developing Duxis Foundation.

  1. Note that to use the dxdev or dxtest modes, the DXF_PATH environment variable in your .env file should be properly configured.
  2. The build-time environment.

The following table shows the values for the NODE_ENV and DX_ENV environment variables for each of the standard Duxis project modes.

production production prod
test/dxtest test test
development development dev
dxdev development dxdev

Once you've built in one of these modes, you can use the other commands, depending on the mode, as shown in the following table:

| Command | prod | de/dxdev | test/dxtest | Description | | ------- |:---:|:---:|:---:|:---:| ----------- | | ./dx up |X|X|| Start the services. | | ./dx test |||X| Run the tests. | | ./dx inspect |X|X|| Inspect a service. | | ./dx logs |X||| Print the logs. | | ./dx stop |X|X|| Stop the services. | | ./dx down |X|X|| Stops containers and removes containers, networks, volumes and images created when running ./dx up (or ./dx test). | | ./dx restart |X|X|| Stop and restart the services. | | ./dx clean |X|X|X| Remove all images, containers, etc. | | ./dx clean --test |||X| Remove only test images, test containers, test volumes, etc. |

You can also use certain commands on one (or several) services, as shown in the following examples:

Command Description
./dx build foo Build the service foo in prodution mode. (1)
./dx build foo bar Build the services foo and bar in prodution mode. (1)
./dx build --dev foo Build the service foo in development mode. (1)
./dx up foo bar Start the services foo and bar.
./dx restart foo bar Start the services foo and bar.
./dx logs foo Print the logs for the service foo.
./dx stop foo bar Stop the services foo and bar.

  1. Individual services should be built in the same mode as the last project build.

Some commands can only be used on a single service:

Command Description
./dx inspect foo Inspect the service foo (after it has been started).
./dx watch foo Start the service foo in watch-mode.
./dx test --watch foo Test the foo service in watch-mode.

Duxis Project Requirements

This section is under construction...

The following files and directories are required (or optional) in a Duxis project.

Path Purpose
.env Provides default values for (most of) the environment variables. Some additional variables are set by the dx cli.
dc.base.yml Optional Docker Compose file that typically provides the common configuration, and is extended in the environment-specific compose files.
dc.dev.yml The Docker Compose file that provides the development-specific configuration.
dc.dxdev.yml Optional Docker Compose file that provides the extended Duxis-development configation.
dc.prod.yml The Docker Compose file that provides the production-specific configuration.
dc.test.yml The Docker Compose file that provides the test configuration.
... (TODO)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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