Package to use CRUD in Base Quasar 1.0.0


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This package content methods with helpers to coding more easy and fast


npm i @imagina/qhelper@2.0.2


  • Alert

    Activate alert in bottom-right position. to use it, call this.$alert.

    The availables types are : success, error, info, warning, light,dark. Usage:

    this.$alert.success('message') // To send only the message
    this.$alert.success({message : '', timeOut : 4000}) //To set timeOut
  • Array

    Sintax Description
    $array.tree(array, {label, id}) Format array to use as options in components tree-select and q-select
    $array.parents(array, id) Return all parents from array, setting ID parameter to search into a array
    $array.children(array, id) Return all childrens from array, setting ID parameter to search into a array
    $array.diff(array1, array2) Search differences between two arrays
  • Cache

    Use this plugin to save information in cache of client side

    Sintax Description
    $cache.set(key, data) Create or update item un cache
    $cache.get.item(key) Get a item from cache
    $cache.get.items([key,key2,...]) Get items from cache
    $cache.remove(key) Remove item from cache
  • Helper

    Sintax Description
    $helper.timetamp() Return current date in timestamp format, if set a parameter date, return this date in timestamp format
    $helper.getInt(value) Return only integer values from a string
    $helper.convertToFrontField(fields) Change format to 'fields' data, to use in front-end, if you set a second parameter this will be merged with the frist parameter
    $helper.convertToBackField(fields) Change format to 'fields' data, to send to back-end
    $helper.convertStringToSnakeCase(fields) Change a string to snake case.
    $helper.toSnakeCase(object) Change keys from object to snake case
    $helper.checkPassword(pasword) Check if password has a correct format
    $helper.validateEmail(email) Check if email has a correct format
    $helper.filterOptions(val, options, permitValues) Filter options to component qselect

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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