Codes and names of nutrients, and its components.


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Codes and names of nutrients, and its components.

This is part of package ifct2017.
Online database: ifct2017.github.io.

const columns = require('@ifct2017/columns');
// columns(query)
// → matches [{code, name, tags}]

columns('vitamin c');
// [ { code: 'vitc',
//     name: 'Ascorbic acids (C)',
//     tags: 'total ascorbate water soluble vitamin c vitamin c essential' } ]

columns('what is butyric acid?');
columns('c4:0 stands for?');
// [ { code: 'f4d0',
//     name: 'Butyric acid (C4:0)',
//     tags: 'c40 c 40 4 0 bta butanoic propanecarboxylic carboxylic saturated fatty fat triglyceride lipid colorless liquid unpleasant vomit body odor' } ]
// Additional methods:
columns.load() // → corpus
columns.sql([table], [options]) // → sql statements
columns.csv() // → path of csv file

Data was obtained from the book Indian Food Composition Tables 2017.
Food composition values were measured by National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad.

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