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This npm module contains a set of shared utilities leveraged in the Watson Content Hub starter site applications. See https://github.com/ibm-wch/wch-site-application for more information on the Watson Content Hub starter application.


  • A WCH tenant in Trial or Standard Tier
  • A WCH site application repo (e.g. https://github.com/ibm-wch/wch-site-application)
  • Node.js v6.11.1 or above
  • Angular >=6.0.0
  • Note:: We recommend to run npm install after getting the latest from this repository to get the latest prerequisites.


This github repository contains all shared Angular utility components that can be imported via npm commands to all WCH site application based project, such as Oslo and Stockholm. Following Angular utility components are included in this package:

  • AuthService
  • ConfigServiceService
  • DateFilterPipe
  • FormattedTextPipe
  • HighlightService
  • ItemSortPipe
  • UtilsService




In WCH site application based project call:

ng add @ibm-wch/components-ng-shared-utilities

Unit test

If you want to run all unit tests in this repo:

  • Run npm test

If you want to run unit tests separately:

  • Run npm run test:schematics to run unit tests for the installing scripts
  • Run npm run test:src to run unit tests for Angular components

Local Development

If you want to develop new features in this package in local environment, run this command to install your latest package to your local wch-site-application repository:

npm run build:dev
  • Note: You have to place both wch-site-shared-utilities and wch-site-application under the same parent directory.


This package showcases how one can componentize code leveraged inside the applications in Watson Content Hub. If creating your own package you can publish to npm via:

npm version <npm package version>
npm run build
npm publish dist

Getting Started With Schematics

This repository is a basic Schematic implementation that serves as a starting point to create and publish Schematics to NPM.

To test the function of Schematics locally, install @angular-devkit/schematics globally and use the schematics command line tool. That tool acts the same as the generate command of the Angular CLI, but also has a debug mode.

Check the documentation with

schematics --help


See the included license file License .

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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