Common eslint rules for @ianwremmel's projects


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Common eslint rules for @ianwremmel's projects


npm install --save-dev @ianwremmel/eslint-config


ESLint doesn't support plugins in shareable configs, so you'll need to run the following script (borrowed from airbnb) to install the requisite peerDependencies.

  export PKG=@ianwremmel/eslint-config
  npm info "$PKG@latest" peerDependencies --json \
    | command sed 's/[\{\},]//g ; s/: /@/g' \
    | xargs npm install --save-dev "$PKG@latest"

Which produces and runs a command like:

npm install --save-dev @ianwremmel/eslint-config eslint@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-import@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-mocha@^#.#.# eslint-plugin-react@^#.#.#


Add the following to your eslintrc to use es2015 syntax without import/export

extends: "@ianwremmel"

Additional rules:

  • @ianwremmel/eslint-config/es5
  • @ianwremmel/eslint-config/esnext
  • @ianwremmel/eslint-config/mocha
  • @ianwremmel/eslint-config/script

Except for es5, all rulesets should be used in conjuction with the defaultor es5 and be listed after the ruleset with which they're combined.


PRs generally accepted, but ruleset changes will require a detailed justification.


MIT © Ian W. Remmel

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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