CLI for running Human Made utilities and commands.


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CLI for running Human Made utilities and commands.


You need Node v5 or later.

# Install globally:
npm install -g @humanmade/cli

# Run it:

You may also want to install the autocompletions (Bash only):

hm completion >> ~/.bashrc

Available Commands

Always use hm help for the most up-to-date list of commands.

  • cs - Coding standards helpers.
    • add - Add coding standards to an existing repo.
    • run - Run coding standards on the current repo.
  • completion - Bash auto-completion script.
  • config - CLI configuration.
    • reset - Reset all configuration.
    • setup - Set or change various configuration.
    • status - Check what you've configured.
  • issues - Repo issue helpers.
    • list - List open issues on the project's repo.
    • open - Open an issue in your browser.
  • prs - Pull request helpers.
    • list - List open pull requests on the project's repo.
  • repo - Repo helpers.
    • open - Open the repo in your browser.
  • stack - HM Stack/hosting helpers.
    • deploy - Deploy a stack.
    • list - List all available stacks.
  • tests - Unit testing helpers.
    • add - Add unit tests to your repo.


Created by Ryan McCue to make your day better.

Licensed under the MIT license. Copyright 2017 Human Made.

      :+oo/      .hmNh    oyy. /dMMm:   /syo.
  mMNo-.dMMM+    dMMM+   oMMMMM+ dMMMmMdhMMMN
  ++    sMMMo    NMMM.   yMMMM:  hMMMM+ .MMMd
        yMMM+   .MMMM:/+oNMMMs   NMMMo  :MMMs
        hMMMo/oydMMMMMMMMMMMM.   MMMN   oMMM+
       /NMMMMMMNmMMMh-. .MMMd   :MMMh   yMMM-
    +dMMMMMM/-  oMMMo   :MMMs   +MMMo   dMMM
  oNMMy+MMMN    sMMMo   +MMM+   sMMM:   mMMM
.mMMh. /MMMh    sMMMo   sMMM:   +ddy    hMMM-
hMMy   sMMM+    +MMMh   hMMM.           :MMMNs+os
MMM-   NMMN     .MMMM:  -/:.             :hNMMMMh
dMMh:/mMMN:      +MMMMy:..-/s.               ..
 yMMMMMMy.        -hMMMMMMMNh-
   -/:-              -///:.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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