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This repository contains shared configuration files used across multiple Hollowverse repositories.

Configuration Files

@hollowverse/config currently includes configuration files for:

How to use the shared configuration

  1. Install this package as dependency of your project:
    yarn add @hollowverse/config --dev
    # or
    npm install @hollowverse/config --save-dev
  2. Install the peer dependencies for each of the tools used in the new project.
  3. Extend your project configuration files with the corresponding files from this package. For example, here is how to extend tsconfig.json:
      "extends": "./node_modules/@hollowverse/config/tsconfig.json"
    Refer to each tool's documentation for more information on how to extend the configuration.
  4. Add properties to the configuration file to override the shared configuration as needed.

If you need help or wanna get in touch...

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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