A collection of scripts that can be used as part of a deployment process.


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Deployment Helpers

This project holds various deployment scripts that are used with AWS CodeDeploy and releasing our private NPM modules.

Node Apps


This will check if the package.json version has been updated for a project and then create a new release on github after running npm build and commiting any changed release assets in the dist directory.


This can speed up installation of node modules on hosted CI. It stores a hash of the package.json into the node_modules directory and uses it to determine if we may need to reinstall. Alongside this, it can automatically upgrade npm, and wipe out the cached node_modules directory if package.json has changed (to ensure unused modules are removed, and that new releases satisfying the current version range are updated to).

Use and configure with package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "install:cached": "rm -rf ./deployment-helpers && git clone https://github.com/holidayextras/deployment-helpers.git && ./deployment-helpers/nodeApps/cachedInstallModules.sh"
  "config": {
    "nodeModuleCaching": {
      // "clear", "prune" or omit.
      // "clear" is slower, but will pick up all available updates to modules
      // "prune" is faster, but will continue using already-cached modules if
      //   they still satisfy the range. Extraneous modules are removed.
      // If omitted, the usual approach of simply running `npm install` is used,
      // which will not install available updates or remove extraneous modules.
      "strategy": "clear",

      // Which npm version to install. Omit to use the existing default.
      "npmVersion": 3,

      // Increment this optional key to invalidate the current module cache, without
      // resorting to hacks like adding whitespace to the end of package.json
      "incrementToForceUpdate": 1

Releasing to NPM

We currently use a combination of npm version 1 and above, because of this we can not scope the package name in the package.json, when a new NPM release is required please add the scope to the package name (@holidayextras/deployment-helpers) manually before running npm publish.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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