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UK Bank holidays

This module checks whether a date is a UK bank holiday or not.


Add the module to your package.json:

yarn add @hmcts/uk-bank-holidays

Then, require the module in your code:

const UkBankHolidays = require('@hmcts/uk-bank-holidays');

// Instantiate the class and pass the countries you care about.
const ukbankholidays = new UkBankHolidays(['england-and-wales']);

// Make an API call to load and cache the Bank Holidays dates, these dates are based on the countries. 
const bankHolidays = await ukbankholidays.load();

// Now pass a date (DD-MM-YYYY) to the isDateABankHoliday() function which returns a boolean.
const isDateABankHoliday = ukbankholidays.isDateABankHoliday('25-12-2018'); // returns true;

The countries that you pass when instantiating the class must be an array. For example, if you want to check the date against the Scottish bank holiday dates then you can specify this but only passing ['scotland']

There are only three options you can pass for the countries: ['england-and-wales', 'northern-ireland', 'scotland'].

The date that you pass when checking if it's a bank holiday or not can either be a string or a moment. If you pass a string, it must be in the following format: DD-MM-YYYY.


In order to prevent multiple calls to the bank holidays api (which can be time costly), the dates that come back in the response are cached. The default age of the caching is one week. However, you can change this by setting an environment variable UK_BANK_HOLIDAYS_CACHE_AGE

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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