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Node.js Logging

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A logging component used by Reform's Node.js applications.

This is not compatible with Reform tactical logging spec. Logger 2.x should be used for tactical applications.

Some background info:

  • there are 6 log levels: silly (5), debug (4), verbose (3), info (2), warn (1) and error (0).
  • log level can be set via an environment variable LOG_LEVEL, the default is info.
  • logging output in JSON format can be enabled by setting environment variable JSON_PRINT to true, the default is false:
  • by default logging is turned off when running the unit tests.


Add it as your project's dependency:

yarn add @hmcts/nodejs-logging

Require it:

const { Logger } = require('@hmcts/nodejs-logging')

Then you can create a logger instance and use it to log information:

const logger = Logger.getLogger('app.js') // app.js is just an example, can be anything that's meaningful to you

Usage are:

  message: 'Yay, logging!'


  level: 'info',
  message: 'What time is the testing at?'

Above will result in the following log printed (if JSON format is enabled).

{ level: 'info',
  message: 'What time is the testing at?',
  label: 'app.js',
  timestamp: '2017-09-30T03:57:26.875Z' }

Access logging for Express applications

Optionally you can use the built-in Express access logger:

const { Express } = require('@hmcts/nodejs-logging')


Units Tests

Just do

yarn test


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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