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Form Group

npm i --save @hixme-ui/form-group

View it live


import FormGroup from '@hixme-ui/form-group'

  <Input name='name' />
  <Text error>Name is required</Text>

The FormGroup provides some shortcuts for label and error for form building. You may achieve the same result as our first example by providing the label and error strings to the appropriate props. The error message should only be provided when the error message should be displayed.

import FormGroup from '@hixme-ui/form-group'

<FormGroup label='Name' error='Name is required'>
  <Input name='name' />

The component will invoke the Label and Text components around the input field for you. Label appears as the first child. Any children provided will be displayed below Label. The error message will display as a Text component as the last child.


Name Type Default
label String null
error String null

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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