The official Semantic-UI-React integration.


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The official Semantic UI + React integration.

Semantic-UI-React (Stardust)

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Hey, we're in development. Prior to reaching v1.0.0:

  1. MINOR versions represent breaking changes
  2. PATCH versions represent fixes and features
  3. There are no deprecation warnings between releases
  4. You should consult the CHANGELOG and related issues/PRs for more information

Voice Your Opinion :speech_balloon:

Help shape this library by weighing in on our RFC (request for comments) issues.

How Can I Help? :hand:

Documentation :blue_book:

Getting started

Installation & Usage

See the Documentation for an introduction, usage information, and extensive examples.


We use the debug module for debugging. You can turn debugging on and off via the localStorage.debug flag from the browser console. See the debug docs for more.

localStorage.debug = 'semanticUIReact:*'         // default, debug all components
localStorage.debug = 'semanticUIReact:dropdown'  // debug only the dropdown
localStorage.debug = null                        // turn debug off

Once you change the flag, you need to refresh your browser to see the changes in debug output.

How Can I Help?

Our CONTRIBUTING.md is a step-by-step setup and development guide. It is meant to be read from top to bottom. Once you're up to speed, each issue here includes more information on how you can help:

Good First Contribution

Issues labeled good first contribution are a great way to ease into development on this project.

Missing Components

We're seeking component parity with Semantic UI, plus some addons. There is an issue for every missing component, labeled enhancement help wanted. Just comment on the issue you'd like to take.

Help Wanted Label

Any other issue labeled help wanted is ready for a PR.

Our Principles

TechnologyAdvice has been dogfooding Semantic-UI-React in production since fall of 2015. These are the guiding principles that have developed as a result:

  • No jQuery dependency
  • No animation dependencies
  • Reuse SUI CSS transitions
  • Simple declarative component APIs vs intricate HTML markup
  • Complete keyboard support
  • Complete SUI component definition support
  • Completely documented
  • Completely tested


Elements Collections Views Modules Behaviors
✓ Button ✓ Breadcrumb Advertisement ✓ Accordion Form Validation
✓ Container ✓ Form ✓ Card ✓ Checkbox API (NA)
✓ Divider ✓ Grid ✓ Comment ✓ Dimmer Visibility (NA)
✓ Flag ✓ Menu ✓ Feed ✓ Dropdown
✓ Header ✓ Message ✓ Item ✓ Embed
✓ Icon ✓ Table ✓ Statistic ✓ Modal
✓ Image Nag
✓ Input ✓ Popup
✓ Label ✓ Progress
✓ List ✓ Rating
✓ Loader ✓ Search
✓ Rail Shape
✓ Reveal Sidebar
✓ Segment Sticky
✓ Step Tab


On the latest clean master:

npm run release:major
npm run release:minor
npm run release:patch


Made with :heart: @TechnologyAdvice, a ridiculous place to work.

Big thanks to our contributors, especially:

  • @jamiehill for early engineering and support
  • @jcarbo for thoughtful engineering and continual support
  • @layershifter for bringing momentum and continual support

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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