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TopNav (Top Navigation)

The primary navigation across the top of the screen. This piece contains the product name/icon, search bar, project/account switcher, and avatar.

Read more about when and how to use the TopNav component on the internal wiki.

Getting started


Install with Yarn

yarn add @hig/top-nav @hig/theme-context @hig/theme-data

Or with npm

npm install @hig/top-nav


Import the component:

import TopNav from '@hig/top-nav';

Basic usage

<TopNav logo={<Logo />} />

You can set right interactions as follows using the predefined actions ProfileAction, HelpAction and NotificationsAction:

  logo={<Logo />}
      <NotificationsAction />
      <HelpAction />
      <ProfileAction />

You can create a custom action by using the NavAction component and adding it to a right interaction, be sure to set the title and icon (the default is the list icon):

  logo={<Logo />}
      <NavAction title="Custom Nav Action" icon={<Icon/>}>
        <div>Your Content here</div>


Use the className prop to pass in a css class name to the outermost container of the component. The class name will also pass down to most of the other styled elements within the component.

TopNav also has a stylesheet prop that accepts a function wherein you can modify its styles. The original styles, props, current theme data and theme meta will be passed to your custom stylesheet function, and it should return an object with the same structure as the original styles. Check the props table to see which components can take a stylesheet function.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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