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Skeleton Item

The Skeleton Item component renders a rectangular loading indicator, meant to serve as a placeholder until your actual content is ready to be rendered.

Getting started

yarn add @hig/skeleton-item @hig/theme-context @hig/theme-data

Import the component

import SkeletonItem from '@hig/skeleton-item';

Basic usage

<SkeletonItem maxWidth="400px" marginBottom="24px" />

Custom CSS

Use the className prop to pass in a css class name to the outermost container of the component. The class name will also pass down to most of the other styled elements within the component.

SkeletonItem also has a stylesheet prop that accepts a function wherein you can modify its styles. For instance

import SkeletonItem from '@hig/skeleton-item';

function YourComponent() {
  // ...
  const customStylesheet = (styles, props, themeData) => ({
    skeletonItem: {
      color: themeData["colorScheme.status.error"]

  return (
    <SkeletonItem stylesheet={customStylesheet} />

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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