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Utilising a simple CLI and your existing SVG files, svg-to-react allows you to generate optimised React components from your SVG files. With sensible (but overridable defaults), it takes the pain out of integrating SVG images into your React project.

By generating files, svg-to-react lets you commit React components to SCM, so you stay in complete control of final production assets.


  • Uses SVGO to minify SVG data
  • React props for size and color
  • SVG scale preserved via viewport
  • Import in TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Modules formatted via Prettier
  • Tiny bundle size
  • CLI interface


Install via NPM, then run:

npm install --save-dev @heydovetail/svg-to-react
svg-to-react your/project/path

svg-to-react will search a directory tree for __svgs__ folders containing SVG files (files with an .svg extension). For each file, a TypeScript module will be created in the parent directory containing a React component for the SVG.


$ tree icons/
└── __svgs__
    ├── arrow-down-mini.svg
    └── arrow-down.svg
$ npm install -g @heydovetail/svg-to-react
$ svg-to-react icons
$ tree icons/
├── ArrowDown.tsx
├── ArrowDownMini.tsx
└── __svgs__
    ├── arrow-down-mini.svg
    └── arrow-down.svg

You can now use those in your React components:

import * as React from "react";
import ArrowDown from "./icons/ArrowDown";

export function MyDownButton() {
  return (
        Down <ArrowDown size={48} color="red" />

React component props

type CssValue = number | string;

interface Size {
  width?: CssValue;
  height?: CssValue;

interface Props {
  color?: string;
  size?: CssValue | Size;

Configuration (.config.json)

A .config.json file in __svgs__ can be used to provide configuration.

color (optional)

Default: omitted

Example: Specify that the color #000000 should be overridable via the color prop.

  "color": "#000000"

moduleNameTemplate (optional)

Default: {capitalizedCamelBaseNameNoExt}.tsx

Example: Specify that modules should use .tsx extension.

  "moduleNameTemplate": "{capitalizedCamelBaseNameNoExt}.tsx"

Available variables:

Variable Example (foo-Bar_baz.svg)
baseName foo-Bar_baz.svg
baseNameNoExt foo-Bar_baz
camelBaseName fooBarBaz.svg
camelBaseNameNoExt fooBarBaz
capitalizedCamelBaseName FooBarBaz.svg
capitalizedCamelBaseNameNoExt FooBarBaz

NPM script

It's convenient to add a NPM script to your project, so that you can choose supply the root directoy:


  "scripts": {
    "generate:types": "svg-to-react src/"

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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