CLI Plugin for Heroku Status


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CLI Plugin for Heroku Status

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How to install this plugin

This CLI comes built into the Heroku CLI. https://cli.heroku.com

Available commands

$ heroku status
=== Heroku Status
Development: No known issues at this time.
Production: No known issues at this time.

or, if there were a real incident...

$ heroku status
=== Heroku Status
Development: Yellow
Production: Yellow

=== Increased Platform Latency 7:04:22 PM UTC
7:04:22 PM UTC (42 minutes ago) [Issue] We are experiencing a network connectivity issue with our upstream provider. We will post another update as to the status in an hour if not sooner.

More about https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/heroku-status


with yarn:

$ yarn global add @heroku-cli/plugin-status

or with npm:

$ npm install -g @heroku-cli/plugin-status
$ npm install -g @heroku-cli/plugin-status
$ @heroku-cli/plugin-status COMMAND
running command...
$ @heroku-cli/plugin-status (-v|--version|version)
@heroku-cli/plugin-status/7.54.0 darwin-x64 node-v12.18.4
$ @heroku-cli/plugin-status --help [COMMAND]
  $ @heroku-cli/plugin-status COMMAND

@heroku-cli/plugin-status status

display current status of the Heroku platform

  $ @heroku-cli/plugin-status status

  --json  output in json format

See code: src/commands/status.ts

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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