Help Scout's zero config scripts


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šŸ“¦ Zero

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Help Scout's zero config scripts

Zero is a "zero config" tool designed to make it easy to create, develop, test, build, and publish libraries.

It comes with a bunch of modern front-end tools, like Babel, Rollup, ESLint, Prettier, and Jest - All pre-configured to let you build stuff without fiddling with configuration files, scripts and commands.

šŸ“¦  Zero

zero <command>

  zero build

  -V, --version     output the version number
  -h, --help        output usage information

  build [options]   Builds project with Babel, Rollup, or TypeScript
  bundle [options]  Bundles project into single files with Rollup
  contributors      Generates markdown file with all contributors
  format [options]  Formats files with Prettier
  lint [options]    Lints files with ESLint
  new               Generate a new module
  pre-commit        Lints files before staging for commit
  prestart          Automatically install dependencies before starting
  proxy             Serves a browser proxy connected with proxypack
  release           Publish to npm
  setup [options]   Sets up tooling in project
  test [options]    Run test with Jest
  typecheck         Check types with TypeScript
  validate          Validates project with lint, tests, and build

Table of Contents


Add Zero to your project with this command:

npm install --save-dev @helpscout/zero

Or globally with:

npm install -g @helpscout/zero


Zero comes with a handful of scripts that you can add to your own package.json scripts:

"scripts": {
  "prestart": "zero prestart",
  "build": "zero build",
  "format": "zero format",
  "lint": "zero lint",
  "precommit": "zero pre-commit",
  "release": "zero release",
  "test": "zero test",
  "validate": "zero validate",


To use Zero as a CLI, install it globally, then run this command:


Alternatively, you can run it with npx

npx @helpscout/zero


Zero can build, lint, format, and release out-of-the-box!

If you need to personalize Babel, ESLint, or Jest, Zero's got you covered. Add your own adjustments by extending Zero's based configurations.


Create a babel or .babelrc file with:

{"presets": ["@helpscout/zero/babel"]}


As of version 1.0.0, Zero is now on @babel version 7. Your project may need to install babel-core@7.0.0-bridge.0. To do so, add that package to your package.json, or run:

npm install --save-dev babel-core@7.0.0-bridge.0


Zero does not use @babel/runtime, as it is still being used to compile projects on Babel 6. If you need an ultra-modern Babel 7 ready tool, check out kcd-scripts.


Zero no longer comes with babel-plugin-react-app. The reason is because this module uses @babel/runtime with the new Babel 7 set up. If your project requires babel-plugin-react-app (e.g. building Docz), you'll need to add it yourself as a devDependencies.


Create an .eslintrc file with:

{"extends": "./node_modules/@helpscout/zero/eslint.js"}

Note: for now, you'll have to include an .eslintignore in your project until this eslint issue is resolved.


Create a jest.config.js file with:

const jestConfig = require('@helpscout/zero/jest')

module.exports = Object.assign(jestConfig, {
  // your overrides here


Create a .prettierrc.js file with:

module.exports = require("@helpscout/zero/prettier");


Thanks to kcd-scripts and create-react-app for the inspiration and code!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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