A Faker-powered fixture generator for Javascript


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Helix 💠

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A fixture generator for Javascript, powered by Faker.

Helix allows you to quickly (and reliably) generate fixture data to be hydrated into Javascript components/views (like React, Vue, Backbone, etc…).


npm install @helpscout/helix --save-dev


Check out our documentation for more info!

Basic usage

The createSpec function is used to define your fixture spec. Helix comes with an adjusted version of Faker.js, which also needs to be imported. Note, the API for Helix's faker is the exact same as Faker.js.

import { createSpec, faker } from '@helpscout/helix'

const CustomerSpec = createSpec({
  id: faker.datatype.number()
  fname: faker.name.firstName()
  lname: faker.name.lastName()
  company: faker.company.companyName()

const fixture = CustomerSpec.generate()

// Output
// {
//   id: 12339041,
//   fname: 'Alice',
//   lname: 'Konigsberg',
//   company: 'Smiths Co.'
// }

For a full list of Faker methods, check out their documentation.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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