The hedvig brand package


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Hedvig Brand

Everything brand related 💅


yarn add @hedviginsurance/brand


  import { colors } from "@hedviginsurance/brand"

  // see colors.ts for available colors

  colors.GREEN // etc


  import { fonts } from '@hedviginsurance/brand'


Publishing this package

This package is automatically published by CI (Codefresh) whenever a version is tagged in git. To publish a new version:

  1. While on the master branch, use yarn version to pin your new version number and create a git tag for it
  2. Use git push origin master && git push origin --tags to push the new tag to the server
  3. Go into Codefresh, find the build, wait for the checks to pass and approve the publishing step once prompted
  4. Wait for it... ... ... Done ✅

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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