Web3 Vuex synchronization module


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Vuex module to sync with web3


npm i @haloplatform/vuex-web3-sync --save


requires Babel-Polyfill if you don't have it install it via: https://babeljs.io/docs/usage/polyfill

import store from './vuex/store'
import web3Sync from '@haloplatform/vuex-web3-sync'

web3Sync(store, 'webThree')
// second parameter is module name, optional

Exposed Getters:

  • address - need description
  • coinbase - String ETH Address Hex
  • instance - Function<Web3> Function that returns web3 instance
  • isInjected - Boolean True if web3 is injected
  • networkId - String Network ID
  • isLocal - Boolean True if web3 instance is connected to local node
  • balance - String Wallet balance
  • isApprovedNetwork - Boolean True if network is approved
  • networkName - String Network Name
  • filter - same as web3.eth.filter
  • reset - same as web3.reset
  • sha3 - same as web3.sha3
  • contract - same as web3.eth.contract
  • isConnected - same as web3.isConnected

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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