ExtAngular for Ext JS 6.5.3 Modern Toolkit


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ExtAngular - Utilize Sencha Ext JS 6.5.3 modern toolkit components in an Angular application


Instructions on how to get the sample running

(run in terminal/command window)

  • ng new Modern --minimal

  • cd Modern

  • npm i --save @gusmano/ext-angular-modern

  • npm i --save @gusmano/ext-angular-demos

  • npm i --save bootstrap

  • cp -a node_modules/@gusmano/ext-angular-demos/simple/src/. ./src/

  • copy the Ext JS 6.5.3 framework to a folder named src/ext-6.5.3

    • see above PreRequisites to get Ext JS 6.5.3 framework
    • also get the Ext Premium Addons and copy them to the packages folder of the framework
    • only need the build and packages folders
  • replace these sections in .angular-cli.json (or angular.json in newest version of Angular CLI)

      "assets": [
      "styles": [
  • ng serve

Running Example:


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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