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The Fake / Faux / Fugazzi Package Manager

Manage interdependant packages that are under development.

echo "šŸ”‘  May require elevated privs"
yarn global add @guscrawford.com/fpm

fpm install

Install a package to your working directory's node_modules folder

$ fpm install path/to/my-core-package
šŸ“¦  Installing @guscrawford.com/jyve-core@2.0.1c
  šŸ“‚ in /Users/me/jyve/mongo/node_modules/@guscrawford.com/jyve-core

fpm transform

Transform a package.json in a project, and copy it into a dist folder

fpm transform path/to/package --distFolder dist

The above example will output the package.json found at path/to/package to path/to/package/dist/package.json; the --distFolder option by default is dist.

Annotate your package.json as so:

        "build":"echo building..."

More Annotation Examples

Replace in string properties

{ .., "@fpm:transform": { "main": { "@fpm:replace": { "dist\/": "" } } } }

Add properties and data to data properties

  "@fpm:transform": {
    "scripts": {
      "@fpm:add": {
          "do":"anything you want"


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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