Gulp plugin for mapping sources of a sourcemap.


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Gulp plugin for mapping sources of a sourcemap.


var mapSources = require('@gulp-sourcemaps/map-sources');

  .pipe(mapSources(function(sourcePath, file) {
    return '../' + sourcePath;



Takes a map function as the only argument. Returns an objectMode Transform stream.

mapFn(sourcePath, file)

The map function is called once per value of the sources array of a sourceMap attached to each Vinyl object passed through the stream. The map function is called with the sourcePath string from the sources array and the file object it originated from. The return value replaces the original value in the array.

If a Vinyl object doesn't have a sourceMap or sourceMap.sources property, the file is passed through the stream without having the mapFn called.

All sources are normalized to use / instead of \\ as path separators.



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